5 Practical Guide for In-Home Care for Your Elderly Parents

5 Practical Guide for In-Home Care for Your Elderly Parents

Aging is inevitable and is a fact of life. It affects everyone, every family, including yours. You may not feel any drastic changes at all if your elderly parents who are already seniors are still living independently and in good health condition. However, when the time comes when the effects of aging become more obvious, then long-term care may be needed.

As their children, our ultimate prayer for our parents as they age is their well being and making their lives worth living in their last years. It is best if we are aware of how aging affects our parents to know the best options for them.

Let’s take time to think about the significant things we need to consider for our parent’s welfare and how can we provide the best and effective home care for them. Here are some practical guides for keeping seniors at home.

  1. Check How Much Care is Needed

Ensuring the activities of daily living are met effectively is necessary for keeping your elderly parents physical and emotional health. Have a list of all the caregiving tasks you are doing for them such as assisting them in bathing or feeding. Then, categorize all the caregiving tasks, whether help is needed constantly or not. Having a clear understanding of what and when your parents need assistance, will guide you to provide them the best care they needed.

  1. Get Extra Help

Getting some extra help is a great way to reduce your caregiving workload and stress. Do not worry because there are so many options available, whether it’s providing care or in investing in proper equipment. You can ask your family members to commit a regular schedule in helping out or hire an in-home caregiver if needed. You may also find and enroll your parents in programs which are designed for elderly socialization and care.

As much as possible, automate all the errands that you can. To track their health status, give your parents medical alert devices. A fall detection device will be a great tool too if in case, you are not around and falls happen, you will be automatically alerted and help will be sent right away. Having these tips in mind can give you the rest you need. Just keep looking and finding different ways to make your caregiving tasks easy and worry-free.

  1. Share the Responsibility

Even you are doing great with your caregiving responsibility for your parents, but if you have siblings or close relatives ask if they want to take on their share of responsibility. As the saying goes, “Sharing is caring”. Be flexible and creative, it could be taking turns with your siblings every 3 months to live with your parents or having them stay in your home for a week. Sharing the caregiving responsibility will help you lessen your workload thus, making you more relaxed and not burnout.

  1. Check your Finances

It is quite expensive caring for your elderly parents and it might lead to financial burden. But with the right preparation this can be easy too. You can find government benefit programs that will help in paying their medications and caregiving expenses. Be sure that they take advantage of any government programs that they are eligible. You can also reduce the cost of their prescription drugs by switching to generic drugs or find less expensive branded medicines. Keeping the elderly parents healthy will also help you save money on their medical bills. Be active in managing their finances and retirement funds, so they are financially stable and secure on their elderly years.

  1. Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself Too

Keeping the well-being of your parents is your top priority and as your parent’s caregiver, you may sometimes have taken for granted your own health. But you need to be realistic about how much care you can provide for your parents without harming your own health. Be reminded that elderly care also means taking into consideration the family member’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. And for you to give the care they need, you have to take care of yourself as well.

Caring for your senior parents should not be a burden nor a responsibility to be borne alone. Remember that there are many options and choices available to make them age well and happily.

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