5 Habits for Seniors to Stay Healthy, Happy and Active

5 Habits for Seniors to Stay Healthy, Happy and Active

Having a healthy lifestyle in your younger years and maintaining the healthy lifestyle in senior years is a must for everyone. During senior years there are many physical and emotional changes. You were not full of energy as when you were younger.

However, even with the changes in your body and mind, a quality and fulfilling life is still at your fingertips. Here are the 5 healthy habits that you should check.

  1. Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

Though there are changes in your body like decrease sense of smell and taste and slower metabolism, which affects your appetite, it is now more important to keep healthy eating habits. Eat food high in fiber, these foods will give you energy and also aids in digestion. Also, stay hydrated to keep you energized and sharp. When you eat healthy and right, you have a healthy weight that decreases your risk of arthritis and diabetes. Remember, “You are what you eat”.

  1. Have Enough Rest and Sleep

Make sure that you get adequate and sound sleep every night. However, insomnia is common in older adults. So, your bedroom must be quiet and comfortable to make you sleep faster and better. It is important to have a good night’s sleep because lack of sleep increases your risk to certain diseases like hypertension and heart disease. Have a healthy sleeping habits to improve the quality of your sleep—remember, a good night’s sleep is vital to your health.

  1. Exercise Your Body

Seniors need not only to exercise just for the body, but for their mind as well. Exercise will keep you physically fit, plus it improves energy, memory and alleviates depression. If you are not exercising before, it is not too late, do your part and have an exercise program approved by your physician. Keep in mind to exercise and be active while keeping your safety. You may want to have a medical alert device that can track your vitals and allows you to call for medical assistance. Exercise and be active, it adds more years to your life.

  1. Keep your Mind Active

Experts suggest for seniors to keep their mind active and stimulated by doing activities that can ward off a decline in their mental health. Do crossword puzzles, read and write or try a new hobby or skill that will increase your creativity, and will keep your mind stimulated and engaged. Keep your brain active and strong by doing these activities.

  1. Don’t Disconnect

You will feel more vibrant when you spend time with your family and friends. Spend quality time with your family, with your grandchildren and it will make you more upbeat and connected. Time spent with your loved ones is always the best time to have and cherish.

Don’t let your age hinder you to have a healthy habits and live life to the fullest.

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