5 Tips to Avoid Isolation for Seniors

5 Tips to Avoid Isolation for Seniors

According to studies, social isolation affects general health status of seniors. Social isolation may lead to serious effects in seniors such as increased risk of falls, dementia and hospitalization.

When we were young our parents never left our side and now that they are old we should stay by their side as well. We never want our parents to suffer from social isolation and loneliness.

Here are 5 tips to follow to avoid isolation for seniors.

  1. Help them See Their Purpose

Everyone has a purpose on earth, whether young or old. Seniors who know their sense of purpose are more likely to engage in social activities. Since most of the interests and hobbies tend to be social in nature, seniors who know their purpose are less likely to suffer from isolation and loneliness. Encourage them to remain active with their hobbies or social activities like attending church services which let them see that their existence makes a difference. They can also join volunteer work for seniors which is a great way to maintain their life’s purpose. Remember, no one is too old to find their new purpose and do good works.

  1. Dine with them

Whenever possible share a meal with your senior parents. Allot a time for your senior parents for you to eat together. If it is impossible to have a regular schedule to dine with them due to unavoidable circumstances, encourage them to dine with others, it can be a meal with their neighbor or church friends. They can also visit a friendly cafe or restaurant wherein they can dine with their fellow seniors. Dining with others is a great social activity which will also promote and enhance their nutrition.

  1. Always Show and Give Affection

One way to show your affection to your senior parents is by hugging. Hugging is a simple thing to do yet studies has shown that it has many benefits like promoting well being and lower stress. Indeed, there’s nothing like a hug. Caring for their health also shows and means you love them. You can give them medical alert device or fall detection device that they can use for emergencies. Giving gifts, even on ordinary days will let them know that they are loved. It can be a book that encourages seniors to live their best life or a journal where there can reminisce old memories and create new ones.

  1. Give them Compliments

One positive word to your parents can boost their self-esteem. Help them not to be self conscious that will cause negative body image and will eventually lead them to avoid social activities. Always give them positive comments and compliment them that that will promote social interaction.

  1. Have their Vision and Hearing Checked

Seniors may avoid social situations if they have difficulty in communicating with others. Untreated hearing or vision problems can cause them to limit social interaction or even social isolation due to fear and embarrassment. Their vision or hearing capabilities might be the only barrier for social interactions, so encourage them to have their eyes and ears check for them to receive proper treatment that will improve their social life.

Don’t let your older loved ones feel that they are alone. Let them always feel that they are loved and appreciated at all times.

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