5 Tips for Teaching Seniors to be Tech-Savvy

5 Tips for Teaching Seniors to be Tech-Savvy

Technology has dominated the world and seniors may find it difficult keeping up with much advancement. Our senior parents need assistance in learning how to use technology. Studies and researches had proven that use of technology on seniors had massive benefit with their lives. With this being said, here are the 5 tips for teaching seniors to be tech-savvy:

  1. Tell and Explain the Value of Technology

Help your older parents see what technology can offer and the importance of it. Teach them that they can talk to someone regardless of their geographical location by the help of technology. Or they can search for their long lost friends on social media and be connected with them again. Tell them that they can maintain their social life, even without leaving their home through the use of technology. Aside from the social connection that they can gain, we can explain further the use of technology in the medical field. Medical device, for instance, can track their vital signs and calls for help as necessary.   Our goal is to make them say, “Wow!” on every value of technology.

  1. Keep it Slow

You don’t want your senior parents have information overload and just be overwhelmed with all the technology that you are teaching them. It is best that your learning schedule is short but in multiple sessions. Do not give them too many tasks and words to remember, so they will continue and would not give up learning.

  1. Do Not Use Technology Jargons

Don’t let them feel intimidated by those technological terms that may not be needed in teaching them, instead use easy language. Assess first what they already know about technology so you will know what to teach them.

  1. Be Patient

Make an effort for seniors to learn technology. It is best to always ask them if they have any questions about your lessons. They will be more willing to learn if they feel engaged in the discussion.

  1. Give them Gadgets

Lastly, get them involved with technology. Make them comfortable using gadgets. You can start with installing game applications such as crossword puzzles, sudoku and scrabble. This is a great tool to make them engaged in technology. They will be more used with using the buttons and touch screen. Also, this is a good activity for their mind to keep it sharp.

You may find it challenging teaching seniors about technology, but I tell you it will be worth it! Celebrate their small victories and they will want to continue learning and using it.

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