5 Easter Activity Ideas for Elderly

5 Easter Activity Ideas for Elderly

Easter is a good time to reconnect and engage in some activities with your family, friends and even with the elderly. Make this season memorable by keeping our elderly engage and entertain. And, give them a reason to smile by doing these Easter ideas.

Host an Art and Craft Event

Invite the elderly in your community and host an art and craft event. Arts and crafts can help ease boredom and keep their minds busy. It also helps them with cognitive abilities and concentration. There are many arts and craft activities for elderly like card making, decorating Easter eggs, painting and Bible journaling.

Easter Egg Hunt

If your community is hosting an Easter egg hunt, take the elderly with you. They can follow and help young kids or their grandchildren to find the eggs. You can also create your own indoor or outdoor egg hunt at home. They can also develop special relationships with their grandchildren too.

Planting seeds or flowers

Easter is a great time to start planting flowers or seeds. It is a healthy exercise that older people can enjoy. It also maintains flexibility and mobility. Choose seeds or flowering plants that will grow well in your location. You can also give them some tickets to watch Gardening 101 Live Class with Lara Casey on the 16th — this class will teach them on how to grow their own garden.

Attend Church

Our elderly are often interested to attend church services this Easter. Listening to God’s word and reading the Bible is good for our mind, body and soul. It is also a great time for them to sing and worship the Lord.

Give them an Easter basket

One of the best ways to celebrate Easter with the elderly is by giving them some gifts. Personalize the basket and put some things that have meaning to them like jewelry, book, their favorite snacks or perfume.

These activities can have a positive effect on their health and can even help prevent depression. Elderly people will love to gather together to talk and eat too. So, don’t forget to bring their favorite food.

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