3 Decorating Ideas for Senior Apartments

3 Decorating Ideas for Senior Apartments

Moving your aging parents or loved ones to a senior apartment or retirement home is a major change in their lives and decorating their place is a challenging task. However, creating a functional space for your senior loved one is vital to make them feel happy and secure.

Here are some decorating ideas to make the transition easier.

Make their space feel like home

Bring some stuff that has sentimental value to them like family photos, album, their favorite books or furniture. Having these items can make them feel at home. Decorate their space according to their style and taste. Hang some painting, frames or arts with their favorite quote or Bible verse on the wall.

Maximize their space

Make sure their space is bright and well lit. If possible, paint their wall with brighter colors to make it look larger and spacious. Some studies show that bright colors can improve mood and have a positive effect on the aging process, especially for those who have memory – related problems. Maximize their storage by adding bookshelves, hanging shelves or ottoman and put some mirrors to make the space feel bigger. Adding plants in their space is also a great idea — it will make the space more welcoming and warm.

Keep their space comfortable, safe and convenient

Consider their age when choosing furniture, and decors. Layout their space properly and make it a senior friendly environment. If they have an area rug, invest in a non-slip rug pad to avoid a sudden fall or injuries. Make their space safe by installing non-slip strips, grab bars on the shower floor, near tub and toilet. To ensure that they are safe and protected– give them a medical alert device that has the ability to get instant medical assistance in case of a fall or a medical emergency.  In addition, keep their space clutter-free and make their walkway wide and clear. When organizing their things, ensure all their essentials are easy to access or within reach.

Whether your senior loved ones live close by or not, try to visit them regularly and let them know how much you love and care for them.

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