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5 Ideas to Encourage Seniors to Reminisce

According to experts, reminiscence or recollection of memories is a great therapy for seniors. It gives them a lot of benefits such as:  brain exercise to help maintain and improve memory, relieves boredom and loneliness, promotes social interaction and recognizes their value.  However, not all seniors are willing or able to reminisce or to share their memories.

Here are 5 ideas to encourage our elderly to reminisce or tell their memories, past events and circumstances of their lives.

  1. Old photographs and albums

Recollect memories by looking at old photographs and albums, wedding rings —seeing those familiar faces and places can spur awesome conversation with your elderly, and you can ask questions about them to help recollect memories, gifts of the past.

  1. Favorite movies and TV Shows

Many seniors like to talk about when they were younger, so asking them about the first film they watched in a movie house or their favorite TV show is a great way to start an interesting topic that will lead to reminiscence.

  1. Hobbies and Pastime

Talking about hobbies and pastimes can spur an interesting conversation between you and your senior loved ones.  If it’s dancing, you can dance together with their favorite tune.  If you both love writing, bring a journaling kit where you can use to share your creative ideas — a great way to reminisce or recall fond memories and thoughts.

  1.  Advice and Opinion

Seniors want to feel valued and recognized.  Their many years of life experience are useful to us.  You can ask for their advice or opinion in areas where they had experience like cooking, home decorating, gift ideas, cleaning, gardening, choosing a wedding ring, raising a family, etc.  Asking their opinion can be a great way to share with you about their past circumstances and events.

  1. Favorite Song and Music

Listening to old songs and music, whether it is their first dance or during their wedding day can help them reminisce or recall fond thoughts and happy memories, making them excited to start a great conversation with you.

Seniors are a precious part of our family, and encouraging them to share their many years of life experience and memory  is valuable in shaping a great society.

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