5 Father’s Day Celebration Ideas For Seniors

5 Father’s Day Celebration Ideas For Seniors

Father’s Day is the best time to express your love and appreciation to one of the most beloved and special men in your life – your father or your grandfather.  Celebrating Father’s Day doesn’t need to be grand, what really matters is the special and quality time you’ll be spending together to reminisce and create new memories.

Here are 5 Father’s Day celebration ideas for senior loved one.

  1. Plan a simple tribute for your dad.

One of the most surprising ways to impress your senior loved one is to have a party dedicated just for him. He will surely love the idea and it is your chance to spend the day with your dad and reminisce about the fond memories you have had together. Let everyone have time to mingle and talk with dad, and it’s also a good idea that every member of the family brings any gift for him to show their appreciation and care.

  1. Plan a short walk and take your dad to his favorite place.

One of the simplest but memorable ways to spend Father’s Day with your senior loved one is a stroll in the park or around his neighborhood. Plan a short walk and take him to his favorite place, this will not just allow you take some precious time together, but it’s also a great way to have some exercise with him.

  1.  Encourage your dad to tell fond thoughts and memories.

Ask your dad to tell stories you didn’t know about him. Sit back, relax and ask him questions about his childhood, his first job, his first love, his favorite music, movies, etc. Reminiscing is a good therapy for seniors, according to a study—it improves their cognitive ability, relieves boredom and loneliness, promotes social interaction and connection. You may record your rewarding conversation in a journal or notebook; it’s something he’ll appreciate that you enjoy his stories.

  1. Help your dad learn and use technology and modern device.

For seniors, using technology and learning to operate them can be overwhelming. So helping them to learn and use modern device can be beneficial to them. If your dad is living independently, you don’t have to worry about his safety. Personal monitoring devices such as: wireless home security systems that notifies you if the doors or windows are not locked in your senior parent’s  home or an intruder is detected and  Alert1 Medical Alert Systems that your elderly parent can call for help in case of a fall.  You can also help your dad set up Skype, Facebook, Viber and other apps that will reconnect with friends from a long time ago.

  1. Treat and pamper your dad.  

For his labor and sacrifices, it’s time to show our love.  Book a salon for a relaxing massage or take him to the local barber shop for a new haircut. Buy him a new pair of shoes or a new hat, or perhaps a polo shirt or any token of appreciation that will make him feel special and valued.

Think of the things your dad needs and likes best to have a great and memorable Father’s Day celebration. Happy Father’s Day!

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