7 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

7 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Aging is worth celebrating and rediscovering the fun in life means happy aging.  Here are 7 summer activities that are ideal for elderly people to stay happy and fit.

  1. Stay Fit

Summer is the perfect time to engage in outdoor exercises and there are various options available that are appropriate for elderly people.  For instance, look for outdoor tai chi or yoga classes that are awesome for elderly people and can help you stay flexible and nimble as you age. The more active you are to stay fit in your golden years, the longer and happier your life will be.

  1. Have fun in water

Water-based summer activities for elderly people are great exercise options for those with arthritis or stiff joints. Take part in a light water aerobics class in your community pool, or you can have a nice dip in the swimming pool—relax, swim and float.

  1. Learn Scrapbooking/Journaling

You have created a myriad of fond memories throughout your life, so it’s fun to start scrapbooking. This hobby allows you to express your creativity and artistry side while preserving your wonderful memories for the next generations. It’s also a great way to improve your cognitive ability. Don’t worry, there are available crafts and arts supplies like notebooks and journals, colored pens, washi tapes from online stores to get you started.

  1. Picnic in the park

Most communities, even in urban areas have many public parks where you can relax and enjoy outdoor. Head to your local park for a family picnic—it’s a great bonding and fun under the sun. However, summer can bring so much heat so make sure to bring some sunscreen, fill up your water bottle or  travel mug and other paraphernalia to avoid dehydration, heat stroke, and other health risks.

  1. Spruce up your garden

Flowers bloom strikingly beautiful during summer, so buy some new plants for your garden from the local nursery or home improvement.  You don’t need to revamp your entire garden, just a simple flower container can spruce up your home. Remember, gardening is just a hobby, so don’t overdo it.

  1. Go for a hike

One of the best summer activities for seniors is hiking, but feel free to set the pace as fast or slow as you want.   Your local Department of Parks & Recreation can help you find hiking trails for more beautiful scenery. Be sure to stay hydrated and always wear your medical alert to enjoy a relaxing stroll in the outdoors.

  1. Volunteer to give back

Being a senior allows you to have plenty of free time to pursue the things that matter most to you, and for many seniors giving back is one of them.  Look for charitable institutions in your community so that you can share your time and talent to those in need. Giving back feels good and it contributes to your happiness and well-being. Get your whole family involved.

Being a senior doesn’t mean you’re confined in the four corners of your home, feeling bored and lonely. There are many fun activities you can do this summer to keep your body and mind active and happy.

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