Senior Years: 4 Tips to Have a Better Sleep

Senior Years: 4 Tips to Have a Better Sleep

Everyone wants to have a better sleep, including the elderly or seniors. According to some studies, the elderly or senior citizens need at least 7-9 hours of sleep every day. However, due to aging, our senior loved ones are having difficulty falling asleep. So, we listed below some tips to have a better sleep in their senior years.

  1. Relaxing bedtime routine.

Relaxing your mind and body is an important step in falling asleep. You can encourage your senior loved ones to have a relaxing bedtime routine by giving them soothing lavender aromatherapy skin care products, candles, room fragrance and spray. Sipping a cup of lavender or chamomile tea before bedtime is also a good idea. Some relaxing bedtime routine includes doing a hot bath or shower, listening to relaxing music and reading a book or the Bible.

  1. Disconnect on your electronics or gadgets before bedtime.

Initiate a digital curfew every night and refrain from using your gadgets, computer or watching TV at least an hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted from your electronics or gadgets can affect your sleep and will keep you awake and alert.

  1. Make your room a sleep-friendly environment.

Your environment can make a huge difference in getting a good night’s sleep. Create a designated and comfortable area in your room which is only for sleep and dim the lights one hour before bedtime. If you have a sleep apnea, invest in an anti-snoring mouthguard or mouthpiece to have a good night’s rest.

  1. Maintain a sleep schedule.

Our body learns to get tired and wake up based on our habits, so, create and adhere to a sleep schedule. Making an effort to get enough sleep each night will help you maintain your overall health. In addition, avoid long naps in the morning so can easily fall asleep at night. It’s better to use anti-snoring mouthpiece if you have a sleep apnea.

By doing these habits at night, you can have a better sleep and remember, nothing can replace the benefits of having a goodnight sleep.

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