Simple 4th of July Activities for Seniors

Simple 4th of July Activities for Seniors

4th of July is fast approaching and if you are someone who is planning an activity for this day —  to spend more time with your family and friends don’t forget your senior loved ones on your list and let them get involved in this traditional celebration.

Here are some simple 4th of July activities that your senior loved ones may participate.

1. Have a BBQ or Pool Party

Include your senior loved ones in your traditional BBQ party in your backyard. Let them feel that they are included in this occasion by bringing a comfortable chair, blanket, cushion or pillow for them. Thus, if you are having a pool party this coming 4th of July — make sure that your senior loved ones are always safe by wearing a fall detection device that has the ability to call for help in case of emergency.

2. Make 4th of July Crafts or Cookie

The easiest way to celebrate the 4th of July in your home is by creating crafts or cookies — let your senior loved ones participate in this activity and make crafts together or bake together. Wear a matching apron and let them decorate your 4th of July theme cookies or ask them to help you with baking by mixing the batter or by making the frosting. Baking is one of the therapeutic activities for everyone and it improves hand dexterity. According to studies, baking can also help with depression and other mental issues.

3. Watch Parade or Firework

Do your parents bring you to parade when you were young? Then, let’s reciprocate their love and sacrifices for us and bring them to a parade too. Let them enjoy the parade and watch the fireworks together. Spend time with your senior loved ones and reminisce your memories together. However, morning parades are too sunny, so make sure that your senior loved ones are hydrated and protected from the heat. Give them a tumbler filled with their favorite beverage or water to make sure that they are hydrated throughout the day. Also, encourage them to use sunscreen and sunglasses.

There are many activities that you and your senior loved ones may also enjoy this holiday such as singing along, playing simple board games or cards, watching baseball or trivia games and you can also watch a movie at home. Thus, spending time with your senior loved ones and having social activities is very important for them — it improves their overall health and reduces the risk of having dementia and other mental issues.

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